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Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages

The Bank offers long term fixed interest rate mortgages on 1-4 family primary residences. These interest rates are market driven and change daily, so please contact us for current pricing or more information on Fixed Interest Rate Mortgages.

5/1 Adjustable Interest Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

Rockhold Bank now offers 5/1 Adjustable Interest Rate Mortgages with very competitive interest rates. Please contact us to inquire on the availability of ARMs.

Construction Loans

The Bank may offer construction loans for highly qualified borrowers. Construction loan terms are typically structured as a 1 year interest only balloon loan. Interest rates change daily.

Online Banking
CD Interest Rates
Term Interest
Percentage Yield
60 Month 2.80% 2.80%
48 Month 2.70% 2.70%
36 Month 2.60% 2.60%
24 Month 1.50% 1.50%
12 Month 0.25% 0.25%

For a complete listing of CD interest rates, click here.
Substantial penalties apply for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings.

Auto Interest Rates

Low auto loan interest rates and as little as


money down for qualifying borrowers!

Call 740-634-2331 menu option 4 for more information.

Home Interest Rates

Home loan interest rates may change daily. Rockhold Bank is very competitive with its Home loan interest rates. Please call 740-634-2331 extension 127 (Tonya) for our current offerings.

Click here for more information on the types of Home Loans that Rockhold offers.